3 Kids Applying Sunscreen

Sunscreen For Kids

Essential Information on Sunscreen for Kids. What age is appropriate for sunscreen? Why Sunscreen is important? What SPF is recommended? Which skin tones need sunscreen? To read the article, go…

Immunity Boosters by Immunity Superheroes

Immune Boosters

This video is a fun way to teach your kid(s) about Immunity Boosters during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Although there is not a guarantee your kid will not get sick, kids can do what they can to avoid or minimize the impact of the Coronavirus. This provides them with a sense of control.

8 Immunity Booster - The Kid On The Go

Immunity Tips

This site includes the explanation of 8 proven immunity boosters and their impact on kids. It also addresses if boosting the immune system will help fight Coronavirus (COVID-19). It also provides references to the research associated with each immunity booster.