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Botanic gardens display a wide range of plants.  They collect them.  They cultivate them and they preserve them. Review the list on this page to find a kid friendly museum in Miami.

Fruit and Spice Park

Fruit and Spice Park

The Fruit & Spice Park is a 37-acre subtropical paradise in the heart of the historic Redland community. It attracts over 50,000 visitors a year to its gardens and festivals. It also has more than 500 varieties of exotic fruits, herbs, spices and nuts from around the world; 180 varieties of mangos; 70 varieties of bamboo; 40 varieties of bananas; 15 varieties of jackfruit trees and numerous other exotic edibles are grown and maintained here.

The Kid on The Go - Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens & Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary

Flamingo Gardens is a 60 acre Botanical Garden and Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary.  It is located in Fort Lauderdale, (Davie) Florida, features and it includes over 3000 species of rare & exotic, tropical, subtropical, and native plants and trees. It is also home fo the largest collection of Florida native wildlife including alligators, bobcats, eagles, otters, panthers, peacock, and of course, flamingos!

PAMM (Perez Art Museum)

Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

Admission is free all day, with art-making from 1-4pm. Join Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) every Second Saturday of the month for a fun-filled afternoon of art, tours and guest artists.

The Kid On The Go - Miami Childrens Museum (South Florida)

Miami Children’s Museum

The Miami Children’s Museum offers interactive exhibits, programs, and learning materials related to arts, culture and our community. It encourages visitors of all ages to play, learn, imagine, and create together.

The Kid On The Go - Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

Miami Beach Botanical Gardens (FREE)

Miami Beach Botanical Gardens is an intimate 3 acre urban oasis in the middle of the glitz and neon of South Beach. People can come and enjoy numerous cultural and artistic programs. Programs are applicable for all ages. They consider themselves the backyard for Miami Beach

Botanical Gardens in South florida - The Kid On The Go

Botanic Garden

Life in South Florida can be hectic.  A botanic garden is a welcoming get away spot.  It gives the mind, body and soul a chance to rejuvenate.  It also gives kids an exposure to nature.  This is beneficial because a lot of us inherently crave exposure to nature.