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Christmas is a time of festive cheer for all, and if you are a child it is a particularly magical time since a visit from Santa Claus is coming up.   As we approach Christmas,  kids would like to know how they can contact Santa.

Traditionally, writing a letter to Santa Claus and sending it was the best way of telling him what you want for Christmas. In the digital era, however, there are plenty of other ways that you can get in touch with Santa.  

Santa can be contacted via phone, email, video chat, virtual assistant and more. So, as we approach Christmas this year, why not use some of the methods talked about in this handy guide to get in touch with Santa Claus and bring some magic into your children’s Christmas?

How To Contact Santa By Phone

Santa on the telephone
Santa on the telephone

Perhaps one of the easiest and quickest ways of getting in touch with Santa Claus is to give him a call. Fortunately, although Santa is a very busy man, he can be reached by phone using a variety of numbers and services.

Some services will cost you though, so it is always important that you check in advance how much the call is going to cost.

Some services will be pre-recorded and on others you may get through to the big man himself. Be sure and check the call rates before you dial.

Here is a run down of some of the ways that you can get in touch with Santa via phone.


Santa Hotline

Santa is a very busy man and things really start ramping up for him around November and December as he starts to prepare all of the gifts for delivery on Christmas Eve. He works hard to make sure that all of the presents are under your tree on Christmas morning.

Because he is so busy, he’s recorded a greeting on the Santa Hotline at 1-319-527-2680. He always kicks off his message with a kind word about how much a child’s parents love them and how it’s important that kids listen to their parents. After this, he lets the kids know that they can leave a message with a list of the gifts that they would like after the tone.

Calls will cost your carriers standard long-distance rate, so do make sure and check this before you let your kids make the call.


Free Conference Call- Santa’s Hotline

Another way that you can phone the great Father Christmas in the weeks running up to Christmas is to call +1 (605) 313-4000. This is Free Conference Call’s way of putting you in touch with Santa. You’ll get a recorded message to listen to from Santa after which your child can record their own message to Santa and his elves.

Free Conference Call run the same service for a number of different countries and Santa is able to speak several different languages depending on the number that you call. Languages that you can speak to him in include French, German, Finnish, Norweigen, Swedish, Ukrainian, and Spanish.

Calls will cost your standard carrier’s rate, so check this before you make the call.


Dial My Calls Santa Call

Using dial my calls personalized Santa call service your child can personalize the phone call that you would like your child to receive. The service is free and you can pick from several different messages and even include the child’s name in the call.

There are seven different messages to choose from which include messages for kids who are doing great in school, kids who don’t believe in Santa Claus, as well as messages that encourage good behavior and lots more.

You can schedule the call for whenever you like too.


Christmas Dialer Call From The North Pole

The Christmas dialer call from the north pole is very quick and easy to set up. All that you’ll need to do is to head to the website, put in the phone number that you’d like to receive the call on, and select the message that you’d like and whether you want the call to come from Santa or an elf.

The call is pre-recorded and is free.

 How To Contact Santa By Mail

Santa’s Mailbox in the North Pole

The traditional way for children to get in touch with Santa is via mail. Writing a letter to Santa to tell him how your year has been and what you would like for Christmas is something that kids have done for generations. Even though we live in a digital age, it’s still a very popular thing to do.

There are several addresses where mail will reach Santa.

Here is a run down of some of the services for writing to Santa that are on offer.


How To Get A USPS North Pole Postmark

Get your child to write a letter and put it in an envelope marked ‘Santa Claus, North Pole’ Along with this, write another letter as a response from Santa.

Insert both letters into an envelope, and address it to the child. Add the return address: SANTA, NORTH POLE, to the envelope.  Ensure a First-Class Mail stamp is affixed to the envelope.

Put the complete envelope into a larger envelope, with appropriate postage, and address it to:

ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

For additional information, go to


Royal Mail  – Letter To Santa

Writing to Santa couldn’t be easier, simply get your child to write Santa a letter saying whatever they like to him. Make sure to include what they want for Christmas along with the child’s name and address and then post it to:

Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa's Grotto,
Reindeerland. XM4 5HQ.

Make sure and include a stamp on the letter so that it gets there.  Santa starts replying to letters from the 9th of November, so get in there early to make sure you get a reply in time for the big day. It can take up to ten days to get a reply from Santa.


Write To Santa In Lapland

Santa lives in Finnish Lapland, however, his address is unknown. You can, however, write to him at the address provided by the Finnish postal service. This is Santa Claus

Santa Claus’ Main Post Office,
Tähtikuja 1
96930 Arctic Circle, Finland.

Remember to include information about what your kid would like to receive for Christmas as well as keeping Santa up-to-date on whether you have been good this year.

If you’d like to receive a reply, you can arrange for this via the Finnish Post Office with replies available in thirteen different languages. A reply will cost you €8,90 EUR which is around $10- $11.


Write To Santa At The North Pole

Santa Claus is quite famously a resident of the coldest part of the world, the North Pole. If you want your children to write to Santa at the North Pole, there are a couple of different addresses that you can use.

North Pole, Alaska, 99705, or alternatively, you can use the Canadian postal service’s address for Santa which is North Pole, Canada H0H 0H0. If you include a return address in your letter, then you will be sure to get a reply back from the man himself.

You can also write to Santa at 1 Santa Claus lane, Alaska, 99705 and a community program will respond to thousands of letters that get received. Letter From Santa

If you want your children to have a letter from Santa that is personalized for them, you can do for just $9.95 from

You’ll need to provide a bit of background information such as what your child wants for Christmas along with the names of their pets and their interests.

The letter also comes with a free door hanger and there are options to add in other items such as a Santa teddy, and a snow globe. You can also add on a recorded video message too- a login will be provided in the letter to view this online.

There is worldwide shipping on the replies that you receive.

How To Contact Santa By Video Call

Santa On a Video Call With a Kid

There are lots of different options to choose from, many of which are live videos with Santa. Although he is always busy, he always makes time to hop onto Zoom to catch up with your children.

Prices vary and some services will allow you to bring or dial in more children too.


Hire Santa Zoom Calls

Zoom has become the way that everyone keeps in touch these days, and old Saint Nick is no exception. Father Christmas is on Zoom! And, he will talk to your child on Zoom for just $59.00 Just because your child can’t see Santa out in the shopping mall or a Christmas party like they used to, doesn’t mean that they can’t see Santa at all.

Head to and book a personalized zoom call with Santa. Santa can talk to your child wherever they are in the world. Your Santa call can take place any time between December the 1st and Christmas Eve and can be held at the time of your choice.

You can completely personalize the call by giving Santa some details about your child in advance, and you’ll get a meeting ID emailed to you before the call is due to commence. Head to for more information.


Video Call Santa App

If you want to video call Santa from your smartphone, you can do this using the Video Call Santa app. The app itself is free to download, however; there are in-app purchases which can be made.

Once you have downloaded the app, all that you’ll need to do is to hit ‘Call Santa’ to start your call. As Santa is always busy around this time of the year, you will receive a pre-recorded message which is convincing enough for younger children. Because this is a free app, you will have to put up with several ads.


Video Chat With Santa

Seeing Santa face-to-face is a magical experience for any child. And this year you can make sure that your child gets to see Santa by setting up a video call with him.

For a live chat with Santa, you can head to to book a call for your child. When booking your video call, simply provide a few details about your child such as their interests, and what they want for Christmas and Santa and his elves will take it from there.

You’ll receive a link in an email inviting your children to the video call. For a five minute call with a real live Santa, it will cost $29.99. For an extra $5.00 you can get a copy of the video file from the call.  If you have a whole group of kids wanting to speak with Santa, you can opt for the 15 minute group package which costs $69.99


Santa Claus Office– Video Call With Santa

For a video call in English or Finnish with Santa, visit Your video call will last for five minutes and can take place via Whatsapp, Teams, or Zoom. You can book your call for any day that you like.

The service costs $59 and you can talk to Santa about anything that you like.


Talk To Santa

Santa loves Zoom, and you can arrange a call with Santa for up to six children from $39.95 at 

Calls will last for between eight and ten minutes and are 100% live. If you would like a bit longer with Santa, Mrs Claus, or the elves then you can book a longer slot and even have them read a story to you.

You can book a slot for any day between the 14th November and the 24th December.

How To Contact Santa By Text

Santa Sending a Text Message

Getting a text from Santa can really put a smile on a child’s face. Here’s how you can set up getting texts from Santa for your child this Christmas.

Santa Text- Zipwhip

While you may not imagine Santa to be the kind of person who texts back, but him and his elves are often busy replying to texts that they receive on the toll free number 844-YO-SANTA (844-967-2682).

Make sure that you get in early as they cannot guarantee a reply once Santa and the elves get busy packing their sleigh.


Texts From Santa

Santa is very busy around the Christmas period, but luckily he has time to send out text messages every day to children that have been good.

Texts from Santa get sent out on a daily basis throughout the festive period. Finally, when it comes to Christmas day, your child will receive a special text with a picture of Santa in your own home. There is a one-time charge for the service and you will have to pay your carriers standard rate per text message that you receive. To set this up head to

How To Contact Santa By Email

Santa Sending an Email

Santa’s postbox gets stuffed full of letters every year, but these days he likes to save paper wherever possible by encouraging children to send him an email instead of a letter.

This year, save yourself time and paper by encouraging your children to drop Santa Claus an email. There are a few different ways that you can do this.

Getting an email back from Santa can be very exciting for your child and, they won’t be disappointed in one of these free email services.


Email Santa

You can send Santa an email using the website The site makes it easy for your child to make sure that Santa has all of the information that he needs to know exactly who he is going to be emailing back. Simply fill in the form with your child and get them to write their own message to Santa. Then, Santa will get back to them- it’s as simple as that.


Santa Tracker- Santa Email

Another similar service that allows you to send an email to Santa and receive a free reply can be found at Simply head to the site and fill in the form with your child and you’ll receive a free reply from Santa.

Santa’s email address is [email protected] – Email To Santa

For a quick and easy way of getting in touch with Santa, you may want to think about encouraging your child to email him. Many different email services are free, including this one from All you will need to do is to head to and fill in the form on there. Make sure that you include your child’s email address, or your own if you would prefer the emails to come to you.

How To Contact Santa With A Virtual Assistant

Santa has always been someone that has moved with the times. While he may have once just received all of his correspondence via the postal service, these days he has a whole array of different communication methods at his disposal.

One of the most up-to-date ways of getting in touch with santa is via virtual assistant. Using devices such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa it is possible to get in touch with Santa Claus in a number of ways.

Amazon Alexa

Girl Using Amazon’s Alexa To Call Santa

If you have an Amazon Alexa in your home, this could be the perfect tool for your children to safely speak with Santa Claus himself.

The simplest command that will allow your children to talk to Santa involves just saying “Alexa, start Santa Claus” this will start Santa up and you can have a conversation with him. Every day there will be new festive content added, so make sure that you keep checking back to see what has been added.

Santa will help you with Christmas cooking instructions, play Christmas music for you and a whole lot more.

Ask Alexa how many days there are left until Christmas, and you’ll get a message from Santa. You can also ask Santa to sing you a song, tell you a joke, read you a story.

You can get Alexa to write you a letter to Santa too.

Google Home

Girl Contacting Santa Via Google Home

Kid Using Google Home To Call Santa

With Google Home, you will get a similar experience. Get your children to say “Hey Google, call Santa” and this will launch an interactive experience from the smart speaker. Your children will first come across some busy elves before eventually getting through to the main man Santa Claus himself.

If you ask for Google to call Santa from anything that has a display screen, then you’ll get some visuals to go with the story. This is sure to keep your children entertained.

If you have a Google Assistant Display, then you can ask Google to bring up the Santa Tracker. This will show you where Santa Claus is around the world on Christmas Eve. You can also use the same tool to tell you where Santa is busy working away throughout December.

Comparing The Different Ways To Contact Santa

Here is a handy table that shows all of the different options for getting in touch with Santa this festive period. This should make it easier for you to compare all of the many different options to decide which is the best option for your child this Christmas.


Name Of Service

How To Contact Santa


Live or Pre-recorded?





Santa Hotline

Contact Santa by Phone on +1-(951)-262-3062

Calls cost the same as your standard long distance rates


Free Conference Call- Santa’s Hotline

Contact Santa by Phone on +1 (605) 313-4000

Standard call charges apply


Santa Voice Call

Call santa on 910-44SANTA (910-447-2682)(910-447-2682

Long distance rates apply  or $30.00 for live call

Pre-recorded and live

Santa Call

Visit Dial My Calls to set up your personalized call from santa



Christmas Dialer Call From The North Pole

Visit to arrange your call












VIsit for full instructions

The cost of a stamp


Royal Mail

Send your Letter to Santa/Father Christmas

Santa’s Grotto



The cost of a stamp


Write to Santa in Lapland

Send your letter to

Santa Claus

Santa Claus’ Main Post Office

Tähtikuja 1

96930 Arctic Circle


The cost of a stamp or €8,90 (approx $10.50) for a reply.


Write to Santa in the North Pole

Send your letter to

North Pole




North Pole


H0H 0H0

The cost of a stamp


Santa Letter from

Visit to arrange a personalised letter from santa.







Video Call




Santa Zoom Call

Visit  to book your personalized Zoom Call


Live Call

Video Call Santa App

Download Video Call Santa app from Google play or iOS app store.

Free- however there are in-app purchases


Video Chat With Santa

Head to to book your call

$29.99- $69.99 (for groups)

Live Call

Santa Claus Office Video Call With Santa Claus

Go to to book your video call on Zoom, Whatsapp, or Teams


Live Call

Talk To Santa

Visit to arrange your video call

From $39.99

Live Call









Zipwhip Santa Text

844-YO-SANTA (844-967-2682)



Text From Santa


One time charge.










Email Santa




Santa Tracker- Santa Email

Visit and fill in the form.


N/A email to Santa

Visit and type your message







Virtual Assistants




Amazon Alexa

Use a variety of voice commands to interact with Santa.



Google Home

Use a variety of voice commands to interact with Santa.





The Kid On The Go hopes this handy guide on How To Contact Santa will bring a magical moment to a kid in your life.  Happy Holidays.


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