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There are benefits of exercise for kids.   At every public place, you are bound to find children who are running wild, creating mayhem, throwing a tantrum, or just simply extremely active. Most of the time, they get you thinking of what they have that they are so active. They make you wonder if your morning coffee is strong enough. Other times you just let them go wild in hopes that maybe they will lose their energy, and finally, some peace will settle at your place.

The Ways Kids Exercise/ Play

We already know how important outdoor play is to our children. They have their own way of exercising and socializing. The activities include climbing a monkey bar, sliding down a slide, playing cops and robber, etc. there. However, with the presence of Coronavirus aka COVID-19, almost the entire world has been quarantined. A lot of government entities have mandated that children and adults stay at home unless absolutely necessary. This is necessary so that people do not infect each other with the disease. But being the responsible adults, we must not kill their habit of being physically active. There are numerous things for kids to do while playing outdoors and maintain social distancing at the same time. Kids can jump rope, puddle jumping, run away from the monster, go on scavenger hunts, etc.

Playground - Benefits of playing exercise

Kids can not safety go outside and play outside anymore. Therefore, it is extremely easy for kids to kill their time by playing video games or watching tv. Sitting all day long is far from a healthy routine. Children must always stay active as the importance of exercise is beyond significant.


Boost Immunity Through Exercise

The major advantage of exercising regularly for children is that it boosts the immune system of a child. Immunity plays an extremely important role in your child’s health. Even if your child is vaccinated there are thousands of other diseases your child could develop.

Research (6) shows that exercise increases the number of natural killer cells in adults. Regular activity can benefit kids in the same way. Pediatric immunologist Ranjit Chandra ( at the Memorial University of Newfoundland) has stated that it is necessary to exercise with the child(ren) in your life instead of just encouraging them to go outdoors for physical activitie. .  This will encourage them into a lifelong healthy habit.   He also mentioned that parents have to be role models for physical activity because exercise boosts not only your immunity but it is also a mood elevator.

According to a clinical psychologist in Renee Stucky, fun family activities like bike riding, hiking, and tennis helps in increasing the immunity and urge the kids for physical activity.



Rapid Breathing During Exercise

During exercise, your breathing rate increases a lot. Due to this breathing, your lungs get a rapid exchange of air. The bacteria and virus of any sort that start to stay in the lungs can be thrown out this way. Sometimes swimming pools are overflowed to get rid of the leaves or small things on the surface. This is similar to what happens with your lungs when you breathe rapidly due to exercise. The child can expel any harmful particles through fast breathing.

Benefits of Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises

Another worth-knowing fact is that it is healthier to breathe in using your nose and exhale with your mouth. The numerous hair and filtering elements of the nose cleans the air on the way in and the mouth provides a speedy relief of the used air. This is the simplest form of exercise for children. Do this with them for 15 minutes every morning, and you’ll thank yourself for introducing such wonderful exercise in your kid’s life.


Body Temperature Increases During Exercise

There is another way that the process of exercise can assist with a kid’s overall health.  It is through the increase in body temperature.  When your body starts to warm up after exercise, the bacteria and harmful organisms can die because of it. This is similar to what happens during a fever. Your body raises its temperature as a defense against the infection. This also helps your body to defend itself better. Improvements in a child’s immune system may be occur. We can say this confidently because of the relentless studies done by medical companies. MedLine Plus shows us that this information is valid and true through extensive research.

In light of this, we can say that doing regular exercise can induce some factors in the body which can help your kid’s immune system. You should give the proper attention to your children and their exercise.


Exercise Assists With Concentration and Academic Performance

There is a strong connection between exercising and cognition for the young and adults alike. This is another benefit of exercise for kids. Studies have shown that people who exercise are more likely to score better than their peers who are not as physically active.

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When one exercise, your brain releases chemicals that are responsible for enhancing your brain and mental health. Exercise helps in the growth of new brain cells that improves the connection between cells and improves attention. Children who are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADHD)  can greatly benefit from exercising regularly. Medications for ADHD often have side-effects that are of no good to a child, but when exposed to exercise, researchers have found by conducting a study that there is a considerable improvement in the severity of the disorder.


Exercise Enhances Self-Confidence

For a shy child who is always quiet in gatherings and hides behind you when an adult or a child of the age group tries approaching them, there is nothing wrong with them; they just need a boost of confidence in life. Regular exercise will help them feel good about themselves and become more active in socialization. Put it to the test and see how your child becomes more buoyant and confident in life.


Exercise Reduces Stress

You might often come across cranky and tired children and wonder what’s wrong with them. Exposing them to exercise can, in fact, help kids relieve stress and stay in a good mood. When you exercise, our brains release a chemical called endorphins. Endorphins create a positive attitude among people. With frequent exercise, a stressed-out kid will finally find relief and serenity in the state he/she is in and feel optimistic towards life far more than ever. This is another benefit of exercise for kids.

Improved Sleep is Benefit of Exercise

Play Time Provides A Good Night Sleep

A good night’s sleep is crucial for a child’s health. With improper sleep, your child will remain tired. Concentrating on school work will be difficult if they are tired all of the time. Exercise improves sleep quality and ensures.


Exercise Assists with Posture

Lanky or slouching children are often not as active as doctors, and experts recommend them to be. Their posture defines their lifestyle. For a child who is couch potato would easily be distinguishable considering his/her posture. Regular exercise greatly improves posture as it strengthens bones and muscles alike. Exercise may make your child stronger and healthier. Improved posture will be a result.


Take care – don’t do too much

There are benefits of exercise for kids, no doubt. But you must take care of how much you do it. Going extreme is never a good idea, especially in matters that involve your body. Doing too much exercise may harm your body. Overexertion can lead to constant exhaustion and failing of your bodily processes. If you ignore the warning signs and push your body, you may potentially harm your body.



The rising pandemic, Covid-19, is an increasing concern for all age groups. However, an Australian scientist conducted a study where it was found of how the immune system fights coronavirus. The conclusion derived from the study stated that our immune system could in fact destroy the coronavirus. A strong immune system has become an absolute necessity that must be boosted through proper diet and regular exercise.   As long as there is no cure for it, maintaining a strong immune system is important.   Exercise is of great benefit for kids when it comes to boosting the immune system.

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