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How To Preserve A Pumpkin

Carved Pumpkins

Once you carve out and decorate your pumpkin, what’s next? Well, you don’t want it to rot before the celebrations begin, but there are plenty of ways to preserve it so that it looks robust and bright until the spooky season has ended. Pumpkins often last weeks – even months – but the exposed flesh is susceptible to damage when it’s been in the air too long. You can reduce this decay with the right preservative, such as bleach, sugar, and even salt. Below, this pumpkin guide has a sure list of ways you can preserve your already-carved pumpkin.

  • Homemade Pumpkin Preservative
    • Option 1
      • Add bleach and water to a bucket. You only need two teaspoons of bleach per gallon of water, and once you have this filled up, add the pumpkin and immerse it. You should soak it for at least eight hours once you carve it.
      • Once it’s been soaked, remove the pumpkin and air dry it!
    • Option 2
      • Make a spray with one teaspoon of bleach in a gallon of water. Spray down the pumpkin once a day to prevent any mold from growing.
  • Purchase a Pumpkin Preservative
    • Buy a pumpkin preservative. Read the directions on the product but typically it is required that you spray the pumpkin at least once a day to prevent any mold from growing.
  • Use Petroleum Jelly.
    • Apply petroleum jelly to all of the cut edges to prevent them from shriveling up! It will lock in the moisture and stop the pumpkin from puckering.
  • Protect the Pumpkin from Rain
    • Rain can dry out the pumpkin, so keep it protected from rain if it’s going to storm outside.
  • Refrigerate the Pumpkin.
    • If you have carved your pumpkin ahead of the big day, pop it into the refrigerator if you have the space. Keeping it cold will help to slow the aging and rotting process.


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